Are values such as love and respect just sentimental marketing slogans? Or is their practice pivotal to sustained impact in societies challenged by chronic unemployment, sectarian conflict, youth marginalization, gender discrimination and overburdened social services? We propose that social enterprises can have an impact on emerging markets such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by the consistent practice of values. Management and economic development literature indicates that the practice of values enhances business performance. An innovative Egyptian social enterprise, Care with Love, made values central to its business model to equip undereducated and marginalized women and young people for employment as home caregivers for the housebound elderly and chronically ill. Encouraging the practice of values with a culturally rooted and spiritually inspired curriculum generated statistically significant improvements in caregiver performance. This case illustrates that values can be defined by participation, designed intentionally, contextualized inclusively and reinforced consistently, resulting in enhanced performance and mission impact. Analysis indicates that integration of values can fuel participation, invite engagement, sustain commitment, foster leadership, multiply returns and transform community. Implications are suggested for the contextualized integration of values in social enterprises in MENA.