The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences attendees include leaders in the field, as well as emerging scholars, who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. A variety of presentation options and session types offer opportunities for attendees to share their work, discuss key issues in the field, and build relationships with attendees.
The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Research Network supports a collection of journals and book imprint. Anyone may submit an article or book proposal for consideration. Those accepted become members and then move through a review process leading to publication.
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Research Network members have several opportunities for ongoing involvement. They can share video presentations of their scholarly work, apply to serve on the network’s Advisory Board, participate as an Associate Editor, help curate relevant news as online editors, and much more. In short, there are myriad chances for members to gain experience and bolster resumes. Monthly email newsletters contain updates on our conference, journals, and books as well as other news from the field.
2017 Special Focus: Cross-Cultural and Global Research as Interdisciplinary Practice
Date: 26-28 July 2017
Venue: International Conference Center, Hiroshima, Japan