The Global information Technology Report 2014 features the latest computation and rankings of the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and, referring to this year’s theme, dives deeper into the rewards and risks that derive from the advent of big data.

Part 1 of this Report presents the latest findings of the NRI, offering a comprehensive assessment of the present state of networked readiness in the world. Furthermore, a number of expert contributions inquiring into the role of big data and how to extract value from it are also included. These contributions relate to:

(1)- how the network unleashes the benefits of big data;

(2)- how and why policymakers and business executives need to develop action plans to extract value from big data;

(3)- balancing the risks and rewards of big data from a public policy perspective;

(4)- managing these risks and rewards;

(5)- rebalancing socioeconomic asymmetry in a data-driven economy;

(6)- the role of regulation and trust building in unlocking the value of big data;

(7)- turning the potential of big data into socioeconomic results; and

(8)- defining organizational change to take full advantage of big data.

Parts 2 and 3 of the Report feature comprehensive profiles for each of the 148 economies covered this year as well as data tables for each of the 54 variables composing the NRI, with global rankings. Each part begins with a description of how to interpret the data provided. Technical notes and sources, included at the end of Part 3, provide additional insight and information on the definitions and sources of specific quantitative non-Survey data variables included in the NRI computation this year.