In the past decade, the Mauritanian authorities have espoused the goal of universal enrolment by the year 2000, which the international community adopted in 1990 at Jomtien (Thailand). They have made basic education central to all development programmes and have implemented an education policy since 1990 with the aid of funding agencies. As a prelude to the Dakar Forum in April 2000, an assessment was made of progress in achieving the Jomtien goals. The assessment revealed that, in spite of the quantitative progress made, there are still quality and management problems. On that occasion, the international community, comprised of politicians, funding agencies and civil society representatives, reaffirmed its commitment to quality education for all. It recommended drawing up action plans and undertook to ensure that any country capable of presenting a coherent and credible programme for reforming and improving its education system should not be handicapped by its financial situation. Mauritania, which participated in the Dakar Forum on Education for All, has therefore introduced a ten-year education strategy for meeting the forum’s recommendations, consolidating the achievements made over the decade and correcting the malfunctions in the education sector.