The sixth edition of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, for 2008, is of a general character and reviews action taken to achieve the Education for All (EFA) goals, drawing on the results of analyses of national education and training policies. Country case studies describing the reforms and strategies implemented, progress made and difficulties encountered will provide input for the global report. This document, containing the case studies for two Maghreb countries, Morocco and Mauritania, is part of this effort. It has been prepared by Mr Hddigui El Mostafa, a UNESCO consultant specializing in the planning, administration and evaluation of education and training systems and programmes. 

Following this introduction and a brief presentation of the international context, which are common to both countries, the document falls into two parts, each dealing with one country and following the same format in four sections: (i) the framework of action for development reforms, governance in the public sector and in the education and training system, the place of EFA in educational development plans, and the role played by education and training system partners; (ii) equity-oriented educational supply and demand policies and strategies; (iii) strategies for improving the quality of learning conditions, content, assessment systems, teacher training and school governance; (iv) critical analysis of reform implementation.