This publication identifies some of the major challenges the region faces in terms of private participation in infrastructure investment, and advocates for the proactive involvement of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) through the establishment of an Arab PPP platform. The array of activities performed under the umbrella of such a platform would include advising the Governments of member countries on best practice and assisting them in the following: identifying domestic projects to be carried out through PPPs; creating regulatory and institutional frameworks to support the development of PPPs; building the capacity of the public sector to implement PPP projects; and providing support to cross-border PPP projects. Arab countries must cooperate on regional projects because many challenges are regional in nature, and the past attempts of individual countries to tackle those challenges have met with limited success. Working together, countries can lower their individual burden and spread the load of infrastructure development across regional stakeholders. In addition, ESCWA can provide guidance to member countries about working with a rights-based approach to ensure equity and social inclusion.