The education system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is based on the aspirations to freedom, justice, human and economic development to achieve a significant level of productivity and modernization. The philosophy of education is based upon the Jordanian Constitution, the Islamic Arab civilization, the principles of the Great Arab Revolt and the national experience of the country. 

The desired vision of the education system emphasizes the importance of providing all people with lifelong experiences relevant to their current and future needs in order to respond to and stimulate sustained economic development through an educated population and a skilled workforce. 

Education must be responsive to both current and future needs and link to social and economic development of the country. A quality education system: maintains high ethical values, promotes excellence, and focuses on the needs of the learner; enables universal access to educational opportunity, equality in the provision of services, and to the tools of modern information and communication technology; and provides the best in teaching and learning and promotes high levels of student success as measured by a system of performance indicators based on standards embedded in learning outcomes; (MOE, 2006). 

The general objectives of education in the Kingdom emanate from the philosophy of education, and are exemplified in shaping a citizen believer in God, adherent to the homeland and nation, endowed with virtues and human perfections, and mature physically, mentally, spiritually and socially; (MOE, 2004).