This policy issues note is focused on internationalization of higher education and the linkages and implications it has for skills mobility. Internationalization is one of the most important developments that globalization has brought to higher education worldwide. In the MENA region has turned into a quite complex undertaking. The Arab Spring has made it clear that young people in MENA are asking for more and better opportunities, opportunities to study and work, opportunities to move about the world, and opportunities to learn, to create new knowledge and new enterprises. Higher Education, migration and labor mobility are key policy area as MENA nations address the need for a strong skills base to underpin the economic and social development of the region’s disparate economies. All three share an interest in the development, recognition and application of qualifications. All three share an interest in the quality of education and training and in the movement of people to get, provide and use education for their own well-being and for their nations benefit. This note is designed to be the base document for a policy dialogue between three sectors involved in the development of human capital: higher education, migration and labor mobility.