Advisory Board

Laurent Probst

Laurent Probst is a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Luxembourg and is the Global Network leader of the “Regional Innovation Ecosystem”. After having developed a research centre in Investment management, he specialized over the last 15 years in economic development initiatives and clusters for governments, regions, and high growth technology companies.

Probst initiated and developed international partnerships between leading international research Institutes, governments, and companies in the field of big data, cybersecurity, and biomedicine.

He regularly advises European Institutions and governments to accelerate the digital transformation of their economies and on their innovation policies and ecosystems. For the EU and 28-member States, Laurent developed and managed the EU Business Innovation Observatory, the EU cluster and emerging industries observatory, and the EU Digital Entrepreneurship Initiative, which is a think tank composed of the EU Commission, EU member states, and 25 representatives of the digital economy, aiming at fostering the uptake of digital technologies in the EU industry. Probst‘s team has proposed many forward-looking policy recommendations recently adopted by the EU Commission on big data and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and upskilling the workforce, fostering EU investments on innovation ecosystems, industries, and cities as a launchpad for entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and innovation

Probst has initiated and developed the “PwC’s Accelerator” network aiming at supporting fast growing tech companies to go global in a faster and smarter way. PwC’s Accelerator has recently been mandated by the EU Commission to assist 2,000 EU innovative SMEs to enter Korea, China, and South-East Asia.