Qindeel Bookshop

Qindeel is a modern bookshop that was opened in October 2015. It aspires to be one of the key havens of knowledge in the UAE and the Arab world. It showcases the publications of Qindeel Printing, Publishing and Distribution, besides the publications of major Arab and international publishers, covering a wide range of different topics and areas, with the aim of encouragement of reading and enlightenment of minds. Qindeel Bookshop aims to support reading, disseminate culture, and encourage seeking knowledge from books. It also seeks to enrich personal libraries with historical publications, travel literature, novels, and summaries of translated world books. Qindeel Bookshop provides books, not only in its main locations but also through modern means which enable requesting books via smart applications, smart interactive bookstalls in malls, metro stations and other public means of transport. It also employs tools that offer a combination of paper, digital, audio and smartbooks in a one-stop shop.